What are My Products Free Of?

At a “minimum”, all of my products are free of the TOP-10 allergens, as detailed by the USDA.  However, they are also free of their derivatives/step-children…lol.

If a product contains a “questionable ingredient”, it is clearly listed on the ingredient statement.  For instance, if we make a product that contains coconut for instance, which is considered a fruit by the USDA, it will be clearly marked.

My products also do not contain any sesame….why sesame would be in a donut is beyond me, but I know that some people have asked so no, there is NO SESAME in my products.

We also do not use any bean flours in any of our flours which we use to make our own blends from.  We source all of flours from reputable suppliers, and mills, from both the U.S., and Europe.

Some of our products do contain “pea-protein”, which is a legume and affects a smaller portion of those with food allergies.  For now, this is contained in the vegan butter alternative that we use and is clearly noted on the products such as our cookies and brownies.

We are constantly seeking out better ingredient replacements that will make our products safer for a broader audience, but for now we can only use what is currently available via our foodservice suppliers.