Special Requests

At times, I am sure that there may be a special request like, “can you put jimmies on a donut”, or “can you make mine without any icing?”  We will do our best to accommodate “special requests”, but PLEASE understand that Brandon is only a kid, and only can work on “special requests” around his school work, and the various hockey teams that he plays on.

Items that you do not see listed on this website like cupcakes, or muffins, please send us a request through the contact us link within the website.  However, Brandon is not a trained pastry chef (lol) and for that reason the art of making custom items like Spiderman cupcakes, or birthday cakes, this just isn’t in his skillset.  However, if your’re looking for a kid who can bake some really good cookies, and teach you child how to play hockey….then he’s your kid.

Lastly, all special-orders REQUIRE pre-payment.  Yes, Brandon has been stiffed by special-requests no-shows, and then could not sell the products to someone who wanted exactly what his website shows.