Shipping Costs

We have taken the time to compare all of the shipping options available to us and have determined that the USPS Flat Rate Packaging program is the best options for several reasons:

  1. It’s the most cost-effective solution.  Some of the other comparable options are as much as 50% higher.
  2. It’s the quickest shipping door-to-door for the money.  The USPS will get this package from Pittsburgh to California in 2 days once dropped off at the post office.
  3. Insurance is covered in the cost and since these are delicate baked goods, insurance is a necessity.

When it comes to the actual cost, we need you to realize that we not only pack each of the baked goods individually, but then they are placed into a clamshell container, all in an effort to protect them during the shipping process.  We then place these items into a shipping box and the voids are filled with foam filler to absorb the shock of mail handling.

Unlike a pair of tennis shoes jammed into a box and then shipped, tennis shoes can weather the handling of shipping.  Unlike a major online retailer, we are not large enough to enjoy “negotiated rates” with any of the shipping companies, so we charge you what the USPS charges us.

I recommend that you check out the other “like” online allergen-free bakeries to compare our shipping costs, you’ll be surprised to see that we all are charging the same since again none of the major shippers consider us large enough to offer discounted shipping.

We hope that this better explains the shipping costs and how we are committed to you receiving the same product that was packed here at our location.