Are these REALLY Allergen-Free?

Would we really kid you about something so sensitive, and important? Not at all

Brandon has been creating allergen-free options for himself as early as 9-years-old, and this is because he himself suffers from life-threatening food allergies.

Each of the products do tell you which allergens they are free of, and generally they are free of the Top-8 allergens, as detailed by the USDA.  Furthermore, they are free of their “family members”.  For instance, we do not use “bean flours” since they can be of the peanut family.  While I would love to list “all” of the allergens these products are free of, this kind of list is to lengthy since there are so many more “allergies” and “sensitivities” that are out there to choose from.

If you have a specific question to an allergen, please to not hesitate to email us.