No School = Belgian Waffles

No school today, but referee a woman’s hockey tournament later and I need breakfast. Something besides donuts 😁. Let’s Make Allergen Free Waffles!!!! Free of the Top-10 allergens and dad said he can’t tell the difference. Crispy. Fluffy. Vanillany (yeah. That’s a word)

Allergen Friendly Monkey Bread

Holy Crap…we’ve done it!!!! We have finally made a successful batch of ooey gooey cinnachewy loaves of monkey bread that’s allergen Friendly; gluten free; and vegan. Coming verrrrrrry soon to Dads pizza shop.

We know, this isn’t really “big” news, but we wanted everyone to know that my products will now only be available at my parents pizzeria. None of my products will be available anywhere else but at Mandy’s Pizza in Westview AND online through my online ordering for my mail order customers. I will also start […]