Because He’s Mike Netzel

I wanted to thank Mr. Mike Netzel @Mike.Netzel, with @KWPittsburghNorth, for taking me as his guest today to the Rotary Club Luncheon at the William Penn Hotel.  I learned a lot about Pittsburgh; heard Mayor Bill Peduto Speak; and saw a self driving Jeep.  #becauseiammikenetzel #pittsburgh

Another Limited Time Donut…Key Lime Pie

This is Dads favorite, so I guess we had to make it for everyone to enjoy.   Just like all of our sweets, these unique donuts are 100% allergen free, so yep they’re also vegan and gluten free.   We took the traditional key lime pie experience; waved my magic spatula; and recreated it as […]

OMG Real Tasting…but allergen free…Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh, it’s true!  I can’t lie about something so exciting. When my parents said, “OMG, these taste just like real chocolate chip cookies”, I replied, “well how do I know, I’ve never had a real cookie.” If you miss the taste of a “real” cookie, and are tired of those GF only versions that are […]

It’s Allergen Free Donuts with Santa Time

This is absolutely the coolest event held for kids with food allergies and gluten issues.   Every kid should be able to experience breakfast with Santa, while knowing that what they’re eating is safe.   An event that sells out in mere hours, each child receives an allergen free donut courtesy of Brandon’s Best and […]

The Donuts Have Landed

We just dropped off the anticipated Choco de Menthe donuts to Naturally Soergel’s.  These donuts are pretty much like an Andes Candy…but BIGGERER….and ROUND!??