New Holiday Flavor

Hey there donut fans. I am going to have a really great flavor next week. My dad says that this new donut flavor tastes like an Andes Candy. The donut is dark chocolate with a cream de’menthe icing. This new holiday donut will be delivered to Naturally Soergel’s on Tuesday. Oh. Happy Thanksgiving. I ate […]

Thank you Veterans

As I do every year, I asked that you do not forget those who have served, and especially those who have given their life in protection of the freedoms that we enjoy.  Most importantly, teach your children to respect these veterans while humbly taking the time to surprise just one vet with a handshake.   […]

No Skool = Making Donuts ❤️?

It’s 1:00am, Brandon doesn’t have school today or tomorrow…so he’s in to make his allergen free donuts.  If the world implodes on Tuesday, at least his allergen free customers will have donuts.  Now go buy your toilet paper and bottled water.  

Drew Carey & Today Show Mocks the Teal Pumpkin

“The Teal Pumpkin Means to AVOID THAT HOUSE” Ignorant; Unprofessional; and Insensitive! The other “early” morning, before I was coming in to make Brandon’s allergen-free donuts, I was watching the Today Show, with Jenna Bush and Hoda Kotd, which included Drew Carey as a guest. I must say, while I have enjoyed his comedic abilities, his […]

Luv’n Some Cupcakes

All allergen free, but as moist as a “real” cupcake. It’s our ancient (well not really) secret on how to make it work.  Blood Orange and Butter Cream Cupcakes rule!!!

It’s 1am…Time to Make the Donuts

It’s 1am, and yes it’s time to make the donuts.  While Brandon is at home sleeping, I’m here making this weeks batch of Allergen-Free donuts: CinnaShugga VanillaNilla This Weeks Special Donut is ChocoMarshMellloooo They’ll be at Naturally Soergel’s tomorrow, so get there at lunch time before they sell out…like everyother week.  Been sitting too long, […]

Time to Make More Donuts

Who would’ve ever thought that Brandon’s allergen free donuts would’ve been this popular? Why couldn’t dad be the brains, and Brandon be the worker-bee? In at 4:30am to make DOZENS more.