WHOA…Cookies n Cream

Oh yeah baby….these are the best ones yet. It’s like a mix between an Oreo and a Ding Dong. 100% Vegan as well as Allergen Free BUT YOU’D NEVER KNOW. Grab one from Mandy’s Pizza before they sellout again.

Break Glass in Case of Cravings!

Who doesn’t wish that they could have a cravings cure for Soft n Sweet? This is the solution! We will be making our Allergen free Cupcakes Under Glass very soon, and the first flavor will be LemonBerry Bliss. YES…. Allergen Free Gluten Free And Vegan Friendly.

Raw Cookie Dough = YUM!

Did you know that Brandon’s Best Cookie Dough is just as good raw, as it is as a finished Cookie? With nothing volatile in its ingredients like dairy, or eggs, you can binge on a jar of dough before you even make the cookies.

PPG Arena and Food Allergies SUX!

Hey PPG Arena! Hey Mario Lemieux! Hey Burgatory! Hey Pittsburgh Penguins! Thanks for NOT letting me eat before the Penguins game AGAIN. There’s no reason why a kid with food allergies shouldn’t be allowed to order a burger without a bun BEFORE THE PUCK DROPS! I can’t eat anything else at the game. I shouldn’t […]