How Can You Purchase Brandon's Best Products

it's actually pretty simple

Just so that you understand, Brandon does NOT sell his items in a bakery environment.  Currently, he doesn't have a retail store "where you can just stop at, and buy some donuts."

Each order is hand-made, and made fresh at the time of ordering...and that's because we do not have a retail store environment where we can grab, possibly day-old stock, and then ship them to you.  Yes, each donut IS made fresh-to-order.

Since Brandon is still in school, he fulfills all orders via online ordering only:

  1. Local Pickup:  If you place your order by Sunday evening, your order will be ready to pickup that following Thursday.
  2. National Delivery:  Your orders are fulfilled in 3-4 business days; carefully packaged; and sent out via USPS service, which generally arrives  3-days after picked up by postal service.

If you have ANY questions, please just shoot us an email

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