How Can You Purchase Brandon's Best Products

it's actually pretty simple

If you are looking to purchase my products locally, you can always stop by my parents pizza shop, Mandy's Pizza in Westview, PA, where I keep a large inventory of all of my products.  However, if you cannot make the trip, you can always order here from my website for either local pickup, or delivery via USPS Priority Mail.

Each order is hand-made, and made fresh at the time of ordering...and that's because we do not have a retail store environment where we can grab, possibly day-old stock, and then ship them to you.  Yes, each donut IS made fresh-to-order.

Since Brandon is still in school, he fulfills all orders via online ordering only:

  1. Local Pickup:  If you place your order by Sunday evening, your order will be ready to pickup that following Thursday.
  2. National Delivery:  Your orders are fulfilled in 3-4 business days; carefully packaged; and sent out via USPS service, which generally arrives  3-days after picked up by postal service.

If you have ANY questions, please just shoot us an email

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