PLEASE READ. Allergen Free Donuts with Santa

When we came up with the idea of holding events for kids with food allergies, and gluten issues, it was for the “kids”. 

Unfortunately…Fortunately…every year the attendance has grown. However sadly, the attendance has grown to exclude the number of kids who can attend due to Fire Marshall regulations regarding capacity. 

PLEASE….PLEASE…remember this is for the kids. While we know that you may want everyone in the direct, and extended family to attend this great event, it’s now limiting the number of “kids” who deserve this event.  

Right now we are just over half capacity…but only 16 children with food issues are part of that list attending.

PLEASE be considerate to those who this event is for because it would be saddening to both Brandon and I if we could no longer hold this event due to the disproportionate number of kids with food allergies vs. family guests who count towards the allowed capacity of this venue. 

Again…PLEASE remember what it’s like if your child couldn’t attend. 
Happy Holidays

Brandon & Dad