Frequently Asked Questions

At a “minimum”, all of my products are free of the TOP-10 allergens, as detailed by the USDA.  However, they are also free of their derivatives/step-children…lol.

If a product contains a “questionable ingredient”, it is clearly listed on the ingredient statement.  For instance, if we make a product that contains coconut for instance, which is considered a fruit by the USDA, it will be clearly marked.

My products also do not contain any sesame….why sesame would be in a donut is beyond me, but I know that some people have asked so no, there is NO SESAME in my products.

We also do not use any bean flours in any of our flours which we use to make our own blends from.  We source all of flours from reputable suppliers, and mills, from both the U.S., and Europe.

Some of our products do contain “pea-protein”, which is a legume and affects a smaller portion of those with food allergies.  For now, this is contained in the vegan butter alternative that we use and is clearly noted on the products such as our cookies and brownies.

We are constantly seeking out better ingredient replacements that will make our products safer for a broader audience, but for now we can only use what is currently available via our foodservice suppliers.

At times, I am sure that there may be a special request like, “can you put jimmies on a donut”, or “can you make mine without any icing?”  We will do our best to accommodate “special requests”, but PLEASE understand that Brandon is only a kid, and only can work on “special requests” around his school work, and the various hockey teams that he plays on.

Items that you do not see listed on this website like cupcakes, or muffins, please send us a request through the contact us link within the website.  However, Brandon is not a trained pastry chef (lol) and for that reason the art of making custom items like Spiderman cupcakes, or birthday cakes, this just isn’t in his skillset.  However, if your’re looking for a kid who can bake some really good cookies, and teach you child how to play hockey….then he’s your kid.

Lastly, all special-orders REQUIRE pre-payment.  Yes, Brandon has been stiffed by special-requests no-shows, and then could not sell the products to someone who wanted exactly what his website shows.

Yes, the flours that I use are GMO free, however I cannot dedicate all of my ingredients to being non GMO. Since it’s just me, or my father, making these products, it would be very tough to manage all of the ingredients used.

I only use separate tools, and equipment to make my sweets. Remember, I have severe, life-threatening, food allergies and I eat a donut a day for breakfast, so I wouldn’t treat you any differently than I do myself.

Also, there are NO NUTS of any type in our building since I am deathly allergic to nuts of all forms.

We have taken the time to compare all of the shipping options available to us and have determined that the USPS Flat Rate Packaging program is the best options for several reasons:

  1. It’s the most cost-effective solution.  Some of the other comparable options are as much as 50% higher.
  2. It’s the quickest shipping door-to-door for the money.  The USPS will get this package from Pittsburgh to California in 2 days once dropped off at the post office.
  3. Insurance is covered in the cost and since these are delicate baked goods, insurance is a necessity.

When it comes to the actual cost, we need you to realize that we not only pack each of the baked goods individually, but then they are placed into a clamshell container, all in an effort to protect them during the shipping process.  We then place these items into a shipping box and the voids are filled with foam filler to absorb the shock of mail handling.

Unlike a pair of tennis shoes jammed into a box and then shipped, tennis shoes can weather the handling of shipping.  Unlike a major online retailer, we are not large enough to enjoy “negotiated rates” with any of the shipping companies, so we charge you what the USPS charges us.

I recommend that you check out the other “like” online allergen-free bakeries to compare our shipping costs, you’ll be surprised to see that we all are charging the same since again none of the major shippers consider us large enough to offer discounted shipping.

We hope that this better explains the shipping costs and how we are committed to you receiving the same product that was packed here at our location.


It’s simple, Brandon developed these products so that those  with special dietary needs could “feel normal”.  This type of end-user come from all different walks of life, and we surely cannot make everyone smile since we do not have that type of reach from our website.

These products can be packaged, and sold, through the following outlets:

  • Specialty Retail Stores
  • Specialty Grocery Stores
  • School Districts
  • Colleges
  • Events for kids with food-allergies, and/or gluten issues

Feel free to reach out to us for more information.  We’d be excited to hear from you.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Definitely! Every year we hold the following 2 events at Naturally Soergel’s, just off the Wexford exit on RT79.

  1. Allergen-Friendly Trick or Treating
    This fun event is held every year just before Halloween night.  While we do our best to find treats that are 100% allergen-free, sometimes this is impossible, but nonetheless, they are all peanut free.
  2. Allergen-Free Donuts with Santa
    Now THIS is a really fun time!  Each child received 1 allergen-free donut, the same donuts sold here on my site.  Then the child can enjoy a cup of Soergel’s homemade apple cider; fruit salad; and a time of their life while making balloon art.

    Then we top of this event by sitting on Santa’s lap and asking Santa for all of the gifts you dream of.  But that’s not all, each child can take a ride on the holiday hayride throughout the Soergel’s property.

We are currently working on a 2-day activity camp for kids with food allergies.  Please stay tuned to our site for more details once it’s developed.





Nah….I skip school twice a week….run to the local GF bakery….buy some donuts….and then mail them to you.

JK = That’s “just kidding” in teen text-talk.

I do make my own donuts, and have been making, and improving them, for nearly 4 years. I started making these donuts for my event, Allergen-Free Donuts with Santa. I hold this event every year at Naturally Soergel’s, so that kids with food allergies can have fun during the holidays just like other kids.

Well, yes I have, but most who know me I am pretty quiet, unless I am fighting for the hockey puck.

I have spoken at schools; gluten-free conventions; and even to my hockey teams, about why something as simple as a peanut can kill me, or give me blisters on the face if the oils are in the air.

If you child wants someone to talk to, or with, you can always shoot me an email and I will respond as soon as my homework is done.

OMG, because no one else was doing it for me and I wanted pizza; brownies; cookies; and REAL DONUTS.

When I was younger, my friends would have pizza parties; my school would hold events like Donuts with Dad, or Muffins with Mom. Since I could never have fun at these things, I found a way to make them for myself, so now I can make them for your.

I require all orders to be placed by Sunday at 9PM EST. I come in twice a week, on nights that I do not have hockey practice; major tests; or a ton of homework.

  • PICKUP ORDERS:  These will be ready for pickup any time after the “following Friday” at my parents pizzeria, Mandy’s Pizza.
    • EXAMPLE:  If you order by Sunday night, they will be available anytime after 11am that Friday.
  • DELIVERY ORDERS:  Shipments only go out on Wednesdays since this way we know that the product should arrive in time for the weekend, and that it will not be sitting in a shippers warehouse.
    • EXAMPLE:  If you place your order by 9PM Sunday, your order will ship on Wednesday.  However, if you order past the Sunday deadline, it may not ship until the following Wednesday.

Shipments take approximately 2-3 days at most for them to get from the shipper drop-off to you door.

All of my products are sold exclusively through my parents pizza shop, Mandy’s Pizza in Westview.

To guarantee that our products are available, you can always order from my website, and choose local pickup at the pizza shop.

I generally have on hand all of my donuts; cookies; brownies; cookie dough; and frozen pizza crusts.

Make sure to follow my Facebook page to be alerted when I have special items.

Would we really kid you about something so sensitive, and important? Not at all

Brandon has been creating allergen-free options for himself as early as 9-years-old, and this is because he himself suffers from life-threatening food allergies.

Each of the products do tell you which allergens they are free of, and generally they are free of the Top-8 allergens, as detailed by the USDA.  Furthermore, they are free of their “family members”.  For instance, we do not use “bean flours” since they can be of the peanut family.  While I would love to list “all” of the allergens these products are free of, this kind of list is to lengthy since there are so many more “allergies” and “sensitivities” that are out there to choose from.

If you have a specific question to an allergen, please to not hesitate to email us.

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