Drew Carey & Today Show Mocks the Teal Pumpkin

“The Teal Pumpkin Means to AVOID THAT HOUSE”

Ignorant; Unprofessional; and Insensitive!

The other “early” morning, before I was coming in to make Brandon’s allergen-free donuts, I was watching the Today Show, with Jenna Bush and Hoda Kotd, which included Drew Carey as a guest.

I must say, while I have enjoyed his comedic abilities, his comment, which can CLEARLY be heard in response to the information snippet on the purpose of the Teal Pumpkin, demonstrates why food allergies, and those who suffer from it, live in the background of “normal” people.

The Teal Pumpkin Project, in its simplest form, is to inform trick or treater’s that the treats being handed out at that particular home are ALLERGEN SAFE. As a father to a child who suffers from life-threatening food allergies, THERE’S NO ACCEPTABLE FORM OF HUMOR IN KNOWING THAT SOME TREATS COULD KILL OUR CHILD. Moreover, this is such a great way to bring attention to food allergies, AND to allow kids with food allergies to enjoy a holiday that most avoid for safety reasons.

Anyways, it’s so sad that not only did Drew Carey infer that the Teal Pumpkin is a signal to “avoid that home”, but the Today Show hosts, Kotd and Bush, concurred by stating that they were “thinking” the same thing.

Really? Kids with food allergies already feel left out due to ignorance. Now someone, on a reputable news show, needs to make a mockery of something to make things easier for these kids.

I am a devoted, sometimes too devoted, viewer of the Today Show, however I am now disgusted by this ignorant statement, and know that the lives of kids with food allergies are affected, in a positive way, by the efforts of the Teal Pumpkin.

Our son, as many of you know, www.brandonsbestallergenfree.com, does whatever he can to make kids just like himself feel normal, as a result of their food allergies. Whether it’s holding ALLERGEN-FRIENDLY Trick or Treating; Allergen-Free Donuts with Santa; Inventing allergen-free products so that kids can feel normal at pizza parties, or at breakfast following a sleepover. However, it’s the promotion of ignorance such as those displayed on the Today Show that makes it hard for kids, and parents of kids, with food allergies to be accepted, AND UNDERSTOOD.

Drew Carey, and the Today Show, should be professionally embarrassed and owe kids with food allergies an apology for their rudeness, and promotion of ignorance towards those with food allergies, and the efforts by those positive influencers to make a difference.