Allergen Safe School Party Treats

Okay, we’ve been there.  We have lived through all of the problems of trying to have a birthday party for Brandon at school.  We’ve also lived through the fear that the treats we would bring might taste nasty.

Worry No More!

We can offer you SAFE TREATS!  Made by a kid who has severe food allergies, and customized to make your kid feel normal.  Oh, and these cookies taste just like the ones at a non-allergen-free bakery.

No one will ever know.  How do we know?  We play jokes all the time by serving these to our regular customers, and then laughing as we tell them that they’re allergen-free.  The look on their face is priceless because THEY NEVER KNEW IT.  Why?  They taste just as great, if not better, than an unsafe cookie.

We’ll customize the stickers with a message from your kid.  How Cool…their own cookie label!

Free of the Top-10 Allergens!