the Brandon's Best Story

Imagine for a moment, that you are a young kindergartner and while already feeling vulnerable being in a new environment; not knowing how to make friends; and you're invited to one of your schoolmates birthday party.

The only thing going through your mind is how cool it is to be invited to something, something with one of your new buddies at school.  At no point do you even think about...What Will I Eat?

After school you run to show your parents the invite.  You're so excited that you cannot even clearly explain why you're so excited but you rip open your backpack; yank out the invite; and then throw it to your parents to read.

While your mom, or dad is reading it, they do not seem to be as excited as you, all that they can think about is how they will handle the food being served at this party.  Nevertheless, they make sure to support your excitement by saying that "we" have to go out and buy your buddy the greatest gift.

The party day has arrived and while you're sooooo excited, mom is still worried but has packed all kinds of "things" for you to eat.

While at the party, all of this child's friends are running around having the best of times, then all of a sudden the doorbell rings and all of the kids going running to the door thinking another schoolmate has arrived.  Unfortunately, at the door is the pizza delivery person with the food being served to all of the kids, well not really all of them.

As the kids all run to the food table your child searches for mom to see what she has brought for him, or her, to eat, they're not so excited at this point.  Mom hands her child their usual standby, a boring ham and cheese on dried-out allergen-free bread.  Not wanting to have his friends ask, "why aren't you eating pizza," your child hides next to mom in the other room and suffers through this nasty sandwich.

Then comes the singing of Happy Birthday, and your child again realizes they cannot even eat the cake. 

No pizza...No Cake...NO FUN!

Who was this kid, Brandon was!  He was the kid that felt left out, or just a little saddened when he couldn't understand because he was just too young to do so.

Well, it's moments like this, coupled with...

Not being able to have treats at school

Not being able to attend school functions like Donuts with Dad

Not being able to eat the same as his friends at sleepovers

Not being able to just Feel Normal

THESE are the reasons why Brandon started working on his allergen-free treats.  But even more exciting is that since these are free of the Top-8 Allergens, this also makes his products both Gluten-Free AND Vegan-Friendly.

Can he get a Woot-Woot!

Between going to school; playing both roller and ice hockey; and doing homework, Brandon works on his products, admittedly first for himself, but ultimately so others like him can feel normal one safe bite at a time.

So, as a result of food allergies, Brandon has found a way to not only accommodate himself, but others like him.

You too can now feel normal one allergen-free bite at a time.

Brandon the Inventor

Brandon Trying New Recipes

Brandon Producing His Crusts

Brandon at His AF Test Kitchen