Sweet Shop

Please understand that each of these treats are made-to-order within 3-4 business-days. We will then carefully pack them into a USPS flat-rate box and ship them off to your door, which should arrive within an additional 2-3 business-days. Since we do not have a large manufacturing facility, we truly do make these products one-by-one, just for you.

Allergen Free Pizza Crust

This is the item that started it all for Brandon. While he was only 9 years young when he developed his allergen-free pizza crust, he was only doing it so that he could feel normal while eating with his family, or while at a friends house for a party. While the typical pizzeria sells a "few" gluten-free only crusts per week, well....um....ah....let's just say we sell sooooooooo many more per week because this truly was developed to be the best allergen-free pizza crust available.

Allergen-Free Cookies

Brandon's cookies are unlike what you have been used to. Why? He created these for himself and not first to be a business. When you have the munchies for a cookie...YOU WANT A COOKIE! You surely do not want the average cookie you have had to eat in the past.

Allergen-Free Donuts

Oh yes you do! Do what? CRAVE A REALL DONUT! Brandon took 3 long years to perfect these HUGE and FLAVORFUL cake donuts. We have tested all of the donuts available online, and in your local grocers freezer case....YUK! You will not taste allergen-free flours! You will not have that slimy xanthan gum feeling in your mouth! When you drink your beverage while enjoying your donut, you definitely will not get that nasty aftertaste! These donuts are HUGE, just like a traditional cake donut. These donuts are made just like a traditional cake donut.