Brandon's Best Blissfully Allergen-Free

a Word from Brandon

Thank you for visiting my store, and hopefully to read why I am dedicated to helping people with food allergies smile one bite at a time.  While I started to make these items for myself, as I grew older I realized that there were kids, and adults, just like me.

So again, thank you for stopping by.

Brandon Negri

 "When Life Gives You Food Allergies, You Can't Make Lemonade  
But You Can Surely Make Allergen-Free Treats"


Brandon's Best products weren't developed as a line-item by some big manufacturer. These products were invented, and produced, because Brandon suffers from life-threatening food allergies.


While most only focus on gluten-free or vegan, unfortunately those of items were unsafe for Brandon. So, Brandon's products were developed as allergen-free first, which then made them Allergen-Free & Gluten-Free.


Don't ask why, because we aren't scientist, but unlike traditional gluten-free only products, Brandon's products stay fresh for days.



Each of Brandon's products are made by him, and his family, so that they can control the quality, and safety of each treat.



How Does One Smile & Talk with Their Mouth Full DON'T ASK US

I got those guys

S. Marker

Let me say that ordering these donuts for my staff was the ultimate April Fools joke. Every Friday they bring in donuts that only they can eat. So, I order a dozen of Brandon's donuts and put them out with a sign that said Gourmet Donuts. The best part, was when I told them all at the afternoon meeting that they were allergen free and they all loved them.

My Kids Best Birthday EVER!

S. Miller

Never has our daughter been able to have a normal birthday party. Brandon's father Steve was nothing but helpful and created the cookies with icing in the color of our daughters favorite, purple. As I stood there in tears, it was all for good reason.


L. Santoro

Thanks Brandon and Dad for sending me the sample of the new doughnuts, I can now ready myself to gain about 100 pounds. Who cares though, these are absolutely the BEST baked goods I have had in 11 years of Celiac disease.

Brownies that are incredible

T. Yaglowski

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that these are absolutely the best AF brownies. At first I was actually questioning if these were really AFGF, these were super moist have absolutely zero GF after taste, and alone is amazing. I really hate eating GF baked goods because there's always that pasty feeling in your mouth, and that overwhelming rice flour aftertaste, but not with these brownies. You have found a customer for life and sure glad that Brandon is a kid since he will be around longer than I will. 😉

Brandon's Baking Equipment Partner

Duke Manufacturing is the best partner Brandon's business could have ever worked with in affording his business to better meet the needs of kids with food allergies.

An excerpt from the Duke Manufacturing Mission Statement says it all "...To help feed and care for people..."

Brandon's oven is solidly built; made from high-quality materials; and performs better than expected.  If you're in need of the best baking equipment on the market, from a company that truly does "care", then you need to choose Duke Manufacturing.

Brandon's Label Printing Partner

Primera Technology is a miracle for any small business that needs to print small-run, or even larger-run product labels.  I could not afford to print labels, from a printing company, because I had so many one-time specialty items, such as seasonal donuts.  So Primera came to the rescue with their LX500 Printer, which prints full-color labels from any PDF file my dad would create for me in Adobe Illustrator.

I'm only 15, and even I can produce really cool color labels for all of my products with a few clicks of a mouse.

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